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by Proscenium Club

Written and Directed by Joshua Bainbridge

Touring through 2023

120 minutes

Cast: 8

Summer, 1989. Against a backdrop of robbery, secrets, sex and jazzercise, Happy Jack’s Motel becomes a dingy battleground offering eight people one last shot at escaping their dark fates

Happy Jack’s Motel depicts the fragmentation of the toxic male influence through its pop culture heyday of the 1980’s.  In an examination of disappointment and disillusionment with the North American “ideal man” and the ramifications of that behavioral pattern against the backdrop of the Northern experience and a rural economic slowdown.

This show contains mature themes and violence.


Joshua Bainbridge as JACK
Kelsey Ruhl as DINAH
Matt Lishman as BILLY
Stephanie Kast as ALICE
Jennifer Carroll as STACY
Kaitlyn Stewart as RUTH
Morgan Bedard as FRANK
Graham Ross as CASH

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