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Welcome to the Classic!

Classic Theatre Cobalt (CTC) is a non-for-profit corporation founded in 2003. Since then, CTC has continued to provide live music and entertainment events each year including theatre, music, comedy, dance, and so much more! In "Ontario's Most Historic Town" of Cobalt, the theatre has remained to be a theatre from the silver boom of the early 1900's. Our facility has become a cultural hub where we present many Canadian artists within our intimate theatre space of 250 soft-seats which was built in 1926. To learn more about the theatres history, please click here!

Our theatre consists of one staff member and many extremely talented and giving volunteers. Our mission is to create and foster a centre of the arts, serving the diverse population of South Temiskaming. Showcasing and aiding in the development of the arts and in culture through a professional environment. It is our vision to be a dynamic, accessible and a vibrant facility where people of all backgrounds will enjoy a wide variety of arts and cultural programming and services.

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