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Watching a Movie


With almost a centurys worth of history, we begin from the very beginning. 


Built during Cobalt's silver boom in 1920's, the "Classic" was born as a vaudeville theatre. 


Popcorn & Movie Stars

As the years went by, and most other live entertainment venues 

Classic then_webp_edited.jpg

closed down, the Classic Theatre became the most popular movie house in the area. By endearing itself to the hearts and minds of local residents, the Classic Theatre is filled with decades of memories of popcorn and ten cent films.

The Last Picture Show

In 1973, after 47 years as a community stage, cinema, and live entertainment venue, the Classic Theatre played The Last Picture Show and closed its doors.  For twenty years it silently stood, a shell of its former glory, used for storage and destined for the fate of its predecessors.

Birth of a "Classic"

In the fall of 1993, the Town of Cobalt, as part of their economic revitalization plan and in cooperation with the Provincial and Federal Governments, initiated a complete reconstruction effort for the theatre. With a vision of giving the Temiskaming Region a beautiful, modern and fully equipped artistic venue, the revitalization project was underway. Over the following six months, this dream was realized and surpassed. On June 4, 1994, the Classic Theatre held its gala opening, and the old theatre once again echoed with the sound of applause.



The Classic Theatre has been a CRA registered Charitable Organization since 2003. Donations to the theatre can be directed to specific or general uses. Donors to the Classic Theatre Cobalt will be issued official tax receipts. The Board of Directors gratefully acknowledges the generosity of many individual and corporate donors each year.

We are a proud, active theatre and we look forward to serving our community for many years to come.

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